Road Transportation

Road Transportation

Road transportation is one of the most commonly preferred modes of transportation. This service is preferred when commercial or individual freight is desired to be carried from one location to the other. This means transporting goods from one place to the other in a safe and fast way via road. As Skyair Shop, we offer our services to transport your goods and services from anywhere you want to anywhere you want within the designated period.

What Is Road Transportation?

Almost everyone knows the answer to what is road transportation. This means carrying a commercial good or freight from one location to the other via roads. This transportation service does not require any transfer between two locations. International rules are valid for road transportation services. The transportation firms operating in this area must follow these rules. In road transportation, a protocol between the buyer and seller is signed and the transportation service is provided according to this protocol.

Road Transportation Types

The road transportation types are different depending on the vehicles, carried freight and international distances. The most important transportation types are as follows:

  • In intermodal transportation types, multiple transportation types are applied simultaneously with the same transportation trays. In this type of transportation, the borders and traffic are less busy. This method is mainly preferred for the transportation of chemical goods.
  • In heat-controlled transportation type, sensitive goods and goods that must be kept cold or hot for a long time are carried.
  • This transfer type is carried out with frigorific vehicles transport fresh fruits and vegetables, chemicals and frozen goods.
  • In transit transportation service, goods are transported from one country to a different country. This method is preferred if a third country is on the way.

Advantages of Road Transportation

As a road transportation firm, we can say that this service has extremely advantageous aspects. It is possible to transport a high amount of freight in a single journey in this transportation service. Road transportation can be carried out almost anywhere. The affordable and safe options are among the important advantages. Since the goods are not damaged or lost in the transportation service, this can be considered as an advantage for this mode of transportation. Road transportation prices are more affordable and convenient than an airline.

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