IATA ULD code: PAA, PAB,PAC,PAD,PAE,PAF,PAG,PAH,PAJ,PAK,PAL,PAX, (P1P) pallet with folding wings and net
Also known as: P1P
Rate class: Type 5
Description: P1P base with folding wings for overhang.
Suitable for: 747, 777, 787, DC-10, MD-11 lower holds
Maximum gross weight: 5,000 kg (11,023 lb)
Tare weight: 152 kg (335 lb)
AS1825 volume: 14.0 m3 (495 ft3)

IATA ULD code: PMA,PMC,PMD,PME,(P6P) 10-ft flat pallet with net
Also known as: P6P
Rate class: Type 2BG
Description: Universal general-urpose flat pallet for lower holds and main decks.
Suitable for: 747, 767, 777, 787, DC-10, MD-11
Tare weight: 120 kg (265 lb)
AS1825 volume: H 162.6 cm (64 in), 11.5 m3 (407 ft3) H 243.8 cm (96 in), 17.0 m3 (600 ft3) H 299.7 cm (118 in), 21.2 m3 (750 ft3)
Boeing volume: H 162.2 cm (64 in), 11.7 m3 (415 ft3) H 243.8 cm (96 in), 17.0 m3 (600 ft3)H 299.7cm (118 in), 21.2 m3 (750 ft3)

IATA ULD code: PGA, 20-ft flat pallet with net
Rate class: Type 1
Also known as: PGA, PGE, PGF, PSA, PSG, P7E, P7F, P7G
Description: Main-deck pallet squared off to 244 cm(96 in) high.
Suitable for: 747F, 747 Combi, 777F
Maximum gross weight: 11,340 kg (25,000 lb)
Tare weight: 500 kg (1,102 lb)
AS1825 volume: 33.7 m3 (1,190 ft3)

Also known as: FLA
Rate class: Type 6
Description: Full-width lower hold container.Door is canvas.Center post swings clear for loading. Refrigerated version has solid door.
Suitable for: 747, 777, 787, DC-10, MD-11 lower hold
Door opening: 120 x 61-in (305 x 155-cm)
Maximum gross weight: 3,176 kg (7,002 lb)
Tare weight: 185 kg (408 lb)


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