Skyair Shop is the only company in the world to manufacture air cargo nets with a computer controlled, automated net machine. This machine can manufacture nets to tolerances not attainable by manual labor. Please also view following net testing video on youtube Why Skyair shop nets are superior to others:

Why Skyair Shop nets?

  • 100% first quality 2600 denier material.
  • 100% heavy-duty rope (increase resistance to snags, frays, and cuts).
  • Automated, computerized manufacturing process (can tie perfect knots with heavy-duty rope).
  • 5,100 LB and 3,800 LB material used in the net instead of the 2,000 LB required by NAS 3610.
  • Nets can be color coded to your specifications.
  • Complete traceability of all net components.
  • Quick and efficient FAA Approved repairs (no additional repair kit to purchase).

Purely we believe in providing reliable, cost effective service with our extensive network of clients and air operators, Skyair Shop.