Livestock Flight Service leases and sells horse containers, penning systems for cow, sheep, pigs. ostriches, flamingos and various other type of animals. All including necessary materials and equipment and if needed we can provide you with a groom. Our grooms are professional and well trained with years of experience.

We have horse stalls available for sale and leasing for the following aircraft:

The scope of services rendered by our repairstations includes:
  • MD11
  • B747 Maindeck
  • A300-600 F
  • A300 – B4
  • A310 F
  • B737 F
Please check with us for the best rates for collapsible horse stall (horsebox). We can offer at various stations worldwide. Contact our station in IST, SAW or ESB now.
livestock flight

Technical data can be found on seperate page for our HML/HMR collapsible and HMJ HMA non collapsible horse boxes.

We can now provide you with collapsible 747 horsestalls, which will save you a lot of space when trying to get them back into the right location. These stalls are easy to put together and easy to make a small package.
Horses deserve the finest transport and the airline deserves the most optimal way of transportation.
We can offer these stalls all over the world and can be returned to various locations.
Ofcourse you can also rent the normal horsestall, which we have in stock too.
Livestock Flight Service had the biggest horse transport in the Turkey out of Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen intl Airport. You can view the movie here (dutch) (large file 76 mb, right click and save as…) MOVIE

Purely we believe in providing reliable, cost effective service with our extensive network of clients and air operators, Skyair Shop.